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Eighty One is a dynamic Meeting Space on Main Street in Whistler Village. It is located on the ground floor of the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, making it a perfect environment for local workshops, destination group retreats and team training events.

Eighty One offers a great environment to meet and connect with like minded people, ideal to start & grow your business and an opportunity to run that workshop you’ve been dreaming about.

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Our rental space

Eighty One is bright, spacious, modern and offers a dynamic environment – ideal for brainstorming, presentations and remote work/meetings.

Full Day rental – 9am to 5pm – $400
Evening rental – 6pm to 9pm – $150

Collectively independent

81 Prices

Full Day rental >> $350 >> 7am – 7pm / mon – sun //
3 Hour Evening rental >> $150 >> 6pm – 9pm / mon –  sun //

Collectively independent
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