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Eighty One

A dynamic meeting space located on Main Street in Whistler Village. It is located on the ground floor of the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, making it the perfect environment for local workshops, destination group retreats and team training events.

  • The meeting space is bright, spacious, and modern.
  • Furnished with large live edge tables, elegant dining chairs, designer leather lounge chairs and comfortable couches.
  • It offers a dynamic work environment – ideal for brainstorming, presentations and remote work/meetings.
  • It has the capacity for 30 – 40.
  • The room can be set up so that everyone is seated at a table or the furnish can be moved to host open plan seating/standing -function.
  • Whiteboard can be provided.
  • Projector provided for additional fee of $50.
  • Feed your guests. We can provide Bows X Arrows Coffee, Namasthe Tea, Olives Market Organic Food or Banquet/buffet catering for your guests. Please include your catering request in your enquiry.

Eighty One can be rented privately from 3 hours to 7 days. When Eighty One is not booked for events, it operates as coworking cafe. Eighty One provides a village workspace for local and remote entrepreneurs based on a drop-in model.

  • Evening Rental
  • $ 150
  • 6 PM – 9 PM
    Monday – Sunday
  • Full Day Rental
  • $ 350
  • 9 AM – 5 PM
    Monday – Sunday

Feed your guests

We can provide Bows X Arrows Coffee, Namasthe Tea & Olives Market Organic Food for your guests. We can also provide alternative food catering, email for catering rates.
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3 ways to book your event at Eighty One
Step 1

Follow the steps in the yellow booking calendar below to check availability and send us an inquiries for your event, please include your email address and Adam will contact you to confirm.

Step 2

Take a look at the Google Calendar to get an overview of upcoming events and availability.

Step 3

Fill out this google form (link: to submit your inquiries (the best option when you are flexible on event dates), please include your email address and Adam will contact you to confirm.

Please follow the steps to find availability and send a booking request for your event.
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